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Men and Manicures

Men and Manicures


OK, lets be blunt here, if you sawing timber, pouring cement or make your living riding bulls, a manicure probably isn't on your "to do" list. But have you ever tried it? Men's manicures are becoming less of a peculiarity and more of a social norm (depending on where you live of course!)

With many jobs, it is desirable to look well groomed all over. But now days it isn't always enough to put on a suit and pass the razor over your face. Having clean, neat and trimmed fingernails is a must if you are in sales, finance or any profession that involves dealing with the public. Whether you want to allow yourself to believe it or not, your customers will look at your hands. Dirty nails are disgusting and show poor hygiene similiar to bad teeth - not exactly the way to impress a new client!

If you are a nail biter, a manicure can help you kick the habit. By having the rough edges of your nails trimmed and the dry cuticle softened, you might not even be tempted! Manicures will keep your nails healthy and prevent hangnails.

Back a few years, rough and calloused hands were a sign of a hard working man. Labour and the hands that showed it were a source of pride while nails that were trimmed and healthy looking were assumed to belong to a man of questionable ethics. Surely, those "feminine" hands weren't able to support a family in the manner of the times. Well, times have certainly changed for the better!

Men use moisturizer on their face and gel in their hair. They've come a long way from the "don't care" attitude. Men can still be masculine AND look great! Speaking of looking great, women love a well groomed man and manicured nails are sexy! Taking pride in your appearance is a bonified turn on for a woman! It shows that you will take good care of her as well!



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